Discovering and Important Unmet Need -H&S


Discovering and Important Unmet Need -H&S


1.        Research Facts:

a.     Compared to other countries in the Latin America region, in Peru there was opportunity to grow both the shampoo and conditioner categories. These segments are underdeveloped with conditioners significantly underdeveloped. The reason is mostly driven by hair washing frequency being lower than other countries in the region.

b.     Consumers claim: High incidence of dandruff.


We first focused on placing most of haircare marketing investment in H&S . This did not work. What did we do then?

1.        In-depth consumer understanding

a.     In-home visits full day – including time/day consumers washed their hair.

b.     Shop along with consumers

c.      Questioning, observing, going beyond the category.

What did we learn:

i.          Hair washing frequency decreases by SEL. Lower income wash their hair less.

ii.          Lower-income consumers typically live in smaller homes with one bathroom for the entire family. Families average size are 4-6 members.

iii.          While there is a shower in the bathroom, most of them do not wash their hair in shower to minimize time in bathroom (many family members waiting). Thus, hair washing takes place outside/open air area such as open roof terrace under a water spigot which is low enough to place head under it but not get your clothes wet.

iv.          The water is cold and the position to get hair washed uncomfortable.

v.          Almost 50% of the market was in sachets. All sachets priced the same per but with different ml size. P&G sachets were 10ml.

vi.          Low penetration of shampoo bottles in smaller mom-pop stores.

vii.          When shopping for shampoo, consumers do not get to see the shelf or compare packages. They order through an attendant who stands behind a counter. Thus, little time is spent in this category.

How did we use these insights?


1.      Worked with R&D to develop and introduce new Head Shoulders H&S 2×1 formula in a 7,5ml sachet.      The new formula was specially formulated to deliver added conditioner benefits combined with superior cleaning performance plus the antidandruff benefit.

2.     Additionally, being new 2in1 meant that consumers would skip a step in the hair washing process (1 less rinsing) and thus reduce time spent with head under spigot. This allowed them to receive the cleaning benefits of the H&S shampoo, the softness, and detangling benefits of the H&S conditioner plus the anti-dandruff benefit.

3.      The added conditioning benefit added a new delightful experience who were previously limited due to cold water.

4.      Most importantly, H&S 2in1 introduction was a value proposition winner as it was priced at the same price as other sachets. Same cash outlay for consumers while it carried a premium pr ml.

5.      Developed concept using insights.

6.     Develop DTT tailored plan including mom-& pop store plan reapplying learnings from trip to Asia

7.      Developed Commercial innovation weekly 1 hour TV show “Camino a la Fama, similar formal to America’s got Talent.


H&S: 21% market share. Value and volume market share leader!