People & Culture

Developing an original and creative idea requires the simultaneous activation of two completely different networks in the brain: the associative network alongside the more normative network. (University of Haifa, Israel)

Innovation comes from connecting things that are not naturally connected.

We help organizations maximize neural network activation, boosting creativity and igniting the Innovation Engine

Built as result of connecting learnings from J.Dyer et al. (The Innovation Dilemma) , A.Widmer (Bush School of Business),S.Covey (The Speed of Trust), M.Guillen (IECO and Harvard) and extensive research in Innovation models used by the most successful Fortune 500 Companies.

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Assessment of where organization stands in their innovation culture journey.

An initial assessment allows us to understand strengths and opportunities in the organization and tailor specific actions and recommendations.


Creating a culture of Creativity and Innovation

Organization Structure

Optimizing knowledge connection, data fluidity and avoiding information silos.

Hiring Process

Hiring creative minds able to discover and execute breakthrough innovation across all innovation vectors.

Training and Development

Tactics to foster creativity and innovation across all levels and all talents.

Going Systems & Rewards

Living and breathing innovation every day, in every place and at every moment