other half of our lifes


Long gone is the dread that comes along our 50th birthday celebration. Long gone is the age marker for the cession of change, risk, and growth. Traditionally at this age, “The Book of Life” had us to written in to our job until retirement, college was a past chapter not to be revisited, and the poems of love were forgotten. But it has come for the book to get a grand revision.

Today, there is much more. Retirement isn’t the end goal anymore; we are pivoting our careers and our lives empowered with knowledge and experience. We are pivoting to new jobs and adventures at the perfect opportunity.

Driving this new trend is the elongation of human life. We are living longer and more fruitful lives. An 87-year-old nun is sponsored by Nike at the Ironman level. Students 40+ years old are pouring back into the classrooms, many of which are now digital. Jane Fonda looks better than even in her 80s … and the list goes on.

Having longer lives is, by nature, something quite wonderful. We can now soak in the wonders of the world a bit more, spend more time with your kids, grand kids, and grand grandkids, explore the world, and maybe even join the ski patrol. But more importantly than just living longer, is the fact that at 50 years old we now may have another 50 years in front of us. This is radically changing the perspective towards our futures and our choices.

We now have plenty of time to pivot and start new things. We can start all over again. A very unique opportunity when compared to past generations. At this point of renewal and transformation we now have a lot more education, experience, knowledge, self- confidence, and wisdom to not take ourselves too seriously empowering us to do new things successfully.

Another big revolution is coming along with the pivoting. An even more powerful and exciting one. We have a good deal of smart experienced women and minorities in the world force that were not there before. They are reaching the pivoting time of their lives and are creating startups, becoming executives of big companies, starting a new life as professors and teachers, or even driving the choo-choo train at the park! We are here to make a change and bring our unique perspective.

I am convinced that this will be a change force in the world. We have never had these levels of knowledge, experience, and diversity in the labor force. What is coming is surely great.

We should look forward to our personal renaissance. I’m ready for this new revolution. I am not ready to settle in life. As we age we need to ask more from ourselves to enhance and grow our families, our communities, our workspaces, and thus the world.

On the other side, there is always the possibility of getting hit with a truck… but let’s try to stay positive here! Likely, and while a whole lot of luck, we will live a long life.

And if we do, let’s truly live it!

Diana Escoda